Please be advised that the tender committee appointed to select tender for the supply and installation of 2,152 solar installations in Mszana Dolna and partner municipalities had completed its work.

The lowest bid submitted Skorut company Solar Systems Sp. of o.o. Offer value to 22,704,372.94 PLN

Mounted solar panels are a Czech company TWI spol s.r.o, model SUN WING ALU T4 2.5. The aluminum housing of the optical efficiency of 81%, the company Galmet tanks, pumping station and the Swiss company Tacanova Polish driver's Tech Sp. j

In the near future mayor and governors of the provinces participating in the project will establish the rules of the work place. After this decision will set a meeting with participants of the project in each municipality.

Mayor of Mszana Dolna

Bolesław Żaba