What's new in solarach?

The end of June 2014. mounted 2 152 installations in residential buildings and 6 installations in public buildings in areas of municipalities participating in the project.


More Solar Panel in the Municipality Mszana Dolna and partner municipalities

Mszana Dolna, as the leader of the project "Renewable energy sources in Mszanie Dolna and municipalities partnership" signed an annex No. 2 to the contract for. Further its implementation. Changing the scope of the agreement provides for the execution of the next phase of installation of solar systems in residential buildings with a total value of about 12 million .



attention project participants

"Renewable energy sources in Mszana Dolna and partner communities"

In connection with the reports of defects and faults mounted solar systems on residential buildings to inform you that the application should be directed to the appropriate unit of local government (Municipality Mszana Dolna, Municipality Kamienica, Municipality Dobra, Municipality Niedźwiedź, Municipality Raba Wyżna, City Mszana Dolna) on the application form (form available on the website) and the Contractor Firms Skorut Solar Systems Sp. z o.o.

Mayor Mszana Dolna

Bolesław Żaba



In the "Instructions" to download: Instructions for use of the solar system

Realization - report

Viewing a report for the period to the end of June 23, 2014 in the Municipality Mszana Dolna and partner communities

As of June 23, 2014 Pieces
Number of installations provided 2152
Number of installations Started 0
Number of completed installation 2152
Number of systems ready to receive 0
Number of installations received 2152
Number of working teams 6

Solar Mszana Dolna - is this the end of the investment?

Project co-financed by Switzerland in the Swiss- Polish Cooperation Programme for new EU countries raised great interest among our society.



In the days :

03.29.2014 on the hour. 18:00 OSP in Raba Niżna - residents Raba Niżna and Glisnego

30.03.2014r. at 14:30 in OSP Łętowe,

31.03.2014r. at 18:00 in OSP Mszana Górna, residents Łostówki, Mszany Górnej, Lubomierza