Information Mayor Mszana Dolna

On 17.09.2012r. has announced a tender for the "execution of works involving the supply and installation of 2 152 solar systems for residential buildings in Mszana Dolna and partner communities, and 6 installations in public buildings" as part of a project entitled "Renewable energy sources in Mszana Dolna and partner communities "

deadline for submission of offers expires on 24 October 13.00, the Employer ie the Office of Mszana Dolna Street Spadochroniarzy 6, 34-730 Mszana Dolna. The date of opening of tenders will take place on October 24 2012. at 14.00. Information on the auction can be found on the website - Public Procurement.

Mayor of Mszana Dolna
Bolesław Żaba