Dear participants of the project "Renewable energy sources in the Municipality of Mszana Dolna and partner communities"

Through interviews with the Swiss party we were able to obtain better solutions for program participants than originally envisaged by the agreement entered into by you with municipalities participating in the program. The attached represents the original model contract, together with marked notes. In order not to cause unnecessary confusion, we decided that this form to provide you with good information that will be most beneficial. While the same change of contracts will be performed in the transmission system in lending.

Currently we are the final arrangements on the rules for identifying the contractor of the project in all municipalities, which participated in them. Subsequently it comes to the invitation to tender and identify the most advantageous offer (this work leads the project Leader Municipality Mszana Dolna). According to preliminary plans, installation is expected to begin later this year. Completion of the entire project is scheduled for May 2014

Repeat meetings are held with the participants of the project. Coordinator of the project from the Polish side is a Antoni Róg - Executive Director of the Project

The agreement - download