The first installment - solar panels - postponement of payment

Residents of Municipal Mszana Dolna, participants of the project: "Renewable energy sources in the Municipality of Mszana Dolna and partner communities," the contract shall be required to make payments in the amount of 1000 PLN (one thousand).

The program is financed by the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme.
Payment must be made by the end of July 2012 at the office no. 27 (I floor) of the District Council of Mszana Dolna
or on the account listed below:
Cooperative Bank in Mszana Dolna No. 79 8808 0006 0010 0000 1690 0057 - the title:
"The first installment of solar panels Policy No. ..............."
We turn to supply the personal data of depositors funds identical to those of April. The first installment - solar panels