Begin design of solar systems in residential buildings in the district Mszana Dolna

An invitation to tender for the design of the individual flat sets of solar collectors for residents of households in the framework of the implementation of the project: "Renewable Energy Sources in Mszana Dolna and partner communities," was won by: Solarpol Polish Centre of Renewable Energy, 32-440 Sułkowice, Zagumnie Street 49. People who made the agreement and made a deposit in the amount of 100 zł qualified for participation in the program.


Please be advised that the end of December to each of the participants in the program will reach company representatives to design a solar system. They have a list of addresses and phone and arrange to visit individually. They may enter the property after show the premission signed by the Mayor of Mszana Dolna. Designers are not authorized to receive any funds. You are kindly requested to prepare building design documentation, if it exists. In the near future designers will work in Łostówka. The schedule of visits in the following villages will be given immediately after set it.