17th April signed an agreement under the Swiss - Polish Cooperation Programme for the Project

On 17th April 2012, we stayed at the Municipal Office of Mszana Dolna Sylwia Słomiak - Coordinator of the Infrastructure and Environment, representing the Office of the Swiss - Polish Cooperation Programme. The visit was connected with the ceremonial signing of the contract for the Project "Renewable energy sources in the Municipality of Mszana Dolna and partner communities'

participation in the meeting were: Mayor Mszana Dolna - Tadeusz Filipiak, Mayor Raba Wyżna - Andrzej Dziwisz, Mayor Niedźwiedź - Janusz Potaczek , Mayor Kamienica - Wladysław Sadowski, Mayor Dobra - Benedykt Wegrzyn, we are also graced by the presence of Ms. Barbara Dziwisz - Councillor of Malopolska Provincial Parliament, Mr. Tadeusz Patalita - former Mayor of Mszana Dolna, Mr. Franciszek Dziedzina - deputy of district and Chairman of the Municipal Mszana Dolna - Jan Chorągwicki. The ceremonial signing was accompanied by a regional team with his performance "Zagórzańska dziatwa" of the Group and Elementary School No. 2 in Mszana Górna.

The funding under the Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme is 9 094 519 CHF, which exceeds 27 million and will be allocated for the purchase and installation of solar systems. The project will be covered by the six public facilities and 2 152 houses: in the community leader - Mszana Dolna (545 homes), in the partner municipalities: the city of Mszana Dolna (242), the municipality Raba Wyżna (381), Niedźwiedź (141), Kamienica (428) and Dobra (415).
Antoni Róg - Advisor to the Mayor of Mszana Dolna approached the history of the project, stressing that the idea was born in 2008. Then conducted the first survey about purchase and installation solar collectors of residents of the municipality of Mszana Dolna. "So far, after visit residents participating in the program, we performed all projects. The analysis of the data contained that we have met established standards. So new residents who are interested in joining to the Project the individual municipalities may adopt only on the reserve list" - said Antoni Róg. The project will be installed 5988 solar collectors with a total area of 13 365 m2, and 87 km of pipes of copper, the effect of implementation will be an annual energy savings of 9 741 675 kWh, and the ecological effect of reducing carbon emissions by 4 936 700 kg annually.
In conclusion the meeting Coordinator Infrastructure and Environment Bureau of the Swiss Polish Cooperation Programme Słomiak Sylwia stressed that the municipality Mszana Dolna and its partners received the highest and the only country with the possible of grants (Sucha Beskidzka - 40%, and community partnerships Niepołomice 60%, Mszana Dolna and  partner municipalities 85%), also added that the time for the task is short. The date of termination and settlement of the Project was established on 31 December 2014.

In view of the queries people Mayor of Mszana Dolna announces that he hasn`t authorized any of the companies to contact you even to receive any funds. Companies that currently offer their facilities and services haven`t any premission of Mayor of Mszana Dolna. Currently we are preparing for the invitation to tender, and after his settlement contractors will work only on the basis of a written authorization issued by the Mayor of Mszana Dolna.

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