In connection with a series of training courses for residents qualified to participate in the second stage of the project to inform you that you must fulfill the obligation associated with uregulawanie payment on the implementation of projects in the amount of 178.46 PLN.


Payment can be made in appropriate unit of local government in tereminie one month from the date of training

- Municipality Niedźwiedź - training on 12.03.2015r.

- Municipality Mszana Dolna - training on 18.03.2015r.

- City Mszana Dolna - training on 19.03.2015r.

- City Kamienica training on 23.03.2015r.

- Municipality of Raba Wyżna - training on 24.03.2015r.

Residents who do not settle the payment for the project within the time limit will be removed from the list of planned for implementation.


Antoni Róg

Project Manager