Contract for the construction of additional solar panel signed

4 March 2015. in the Office of Mszana Dolna signed a contract with the task called. "Installation of solar collectors in the Commons Mszana Dolna, Raba Wyżna Niedźwiedź, Dobra and the City Mszana Dolna project Renewable energy sources in Mszana Dolna and partner communities."

The tender was won by the investment Skorut Solar Systems Sp. z o.o. Myślenice. As part of the agreement will be additionally installed 1,020 solar installations in residential buildings in the municipalities. Approximate cost of the task is 10 million. Completion of construction is planned for the end of September 2015. Installation of additional collectors is possible thanks to the savings obtained as part of the basic design and the amounts resulting from exchange rate differences. The approval of the use of savings for installation of additional installations in the project area obtained from the Swiss side of his leader - Mszana Dolna. Not without significance in obtaining such consent has been very high rating, which received the Swiss municipality for the implementation of the basic design. Installation works of additional solar installations will begin after the part of the design sketches, which is associated with a visit to designers in all the buildings in which collectors are to be made. It is also planned to organize training for residents participating in the project. Presence on them will be mandatory.