What's new in solarach?

The end of June 2014. mounted 2 152 installations in residential buildings and 6 installations in public buildings in areas of municipalities participating in the project.

In addition to December 2014. has made additional 145 residential installation within the supplementary works due to the favorable outcome of the first tender procedure.

The Swiss side highly assessed the way of the project, recognizing it as one of the best made in Poland.

In this way it was possible to obtain consent for the use of the Swiss entire savings in the project, and the amount of exchange differences arising from the implementation of further installation.

Relevant in this regard the occurrence of the mayor Mszana Dolna Bolesław Żaba and Project Manager Antoni Róg and positive acceptance of the Swiss will allow the further execution of thousands of individual installations in the municipalities involved in the project (Mszana Dolna of municipalities, Kamienica, Raba Wyżna, Dobra, Niedźwiedź and the City Mszana Dolna).

Currently, the tender procedures necessary to identify Contractors are installing to mount about 1020 installations in residential areas of Commons Mszana Dolna, House, Raba Wyżna, Dobra, Niedźwiedź and City Mszana Dolna.

Mayor Mszana Dolna

Bolesław Żaba