More Solar Panel in the Municipality Mszana Dolna and partner municipalities

Mszana Dolna, as the leader of the project "Renewable energy sources in Mszanie Dolna and municipalities partnership" signed an annex No. 2 to the contract for. Further its implementation. Changing the scope of the agreement provides for the execution of the next phase of installation of solar systems in residential buildings with a total value of about 12 million .

This amount will allow the performance of solar installations in residential buildings for approximately 1,160 homes located in the area of local government units participating the project.

Local government authorities involved in the project agreed that under the additional measures the amount of subsidy for each building will be 10,400 PLN .

1) Installations whose value does not exceed 10 400 PLN - participant covers 15% of the solar system installation + VAT + 15% + VAT inspector inspector;

2) installations, the value of which exceeds 10 400 PLN value installations for 10,400 PLN participant cover a percentage - as in point. 1 - while the cost of installation of a sum in excess of 10,400 PLN participant will be covered at 100%.


The value of investments amounted to 10.400 PLN participant will: 2 500.00 PLN.
The value of investments amounted to 12,000 PLN participant will: 4 000.00 PLN.

Bolesław Żaba

Mayor Mszana Dolna