Solar Mszana Dolna - is this the end of the investment?

Project co-financed by Switzerland in the Swiss- Polish Cooperation Programme for new EU countries raised great interest among our society.

According to the project , the end of the second quarter of 2014. the end of the project, which involved installing 2,152 installations in residential buildings and 6 installations in public buildings on the grounds of Commons : Mszana Dolna, Kamienica, Dobra, Niedźwiedź, Raba Wyżna and Mszana Dolna City .

As a result of the savings we obtained in relation to a budget and came up with an official letter to the Swiss for permission to use the remaining amount , ie about 12 million to perform additional installations in residential buildings - says project manager Antoni Róg.

We estimate initially that it will be about 1100 additional installations in the municipalities participating in the project - says Mayor Mszana Dolna Bolesław Żaba. We anticipate that at the turn of May and June the project leader will receive a reply approving the application for the change in the project. The next step will be announced a tender for the installation, then the municipality will select the location to install the system. Willing is more than double the financial capabilities of the program. It is a pity that so many people have found the advantages of the system too late, because at the application stage you could get more funding .