TVP 1 of solarach in the Municipality Mszana Dolna and local government partners

How do solar panels work and how to work in practice? - For example, the program carried out in the municipality of Mszana Dolna and local government partnerships journalists explain the GLOB issued on TVP 1 Subject solar energy deep in the Institute for Renewable Energy. In addition, the most recent program learn all you can about such the use of new technologies in the reconstruction of old films that are archived.

Another topic of generic medicines. When the market appears to be expensive and a good drug, after some time, formed the cheaper alternatives, ie. generic drugs. The researchers involved in the creation of the Institute of Pharmacy, who through research discovered the specyfiku, produce a new one, and then lend it a thorough testing in laboratories. What alternatives Poles need most?

9 episode of "GLOB" can be viewed by clicking the link above.

Post installation of solar systems in the Beskid Wyspowy begins with 13 minutes 45 seconds of the program.

Prior to the installation of solar systems in our area we could hear in the Chronicle TVP Krakow: link (11 minutes 9 seconds of the July 18th this year)

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