Ladies and Gentlemen.

I finished a series of meetings with residents participating in the program "Renewable energy sources Mszanie Dolna and partner communities" and given to your questions here is the principle of installation in your home.

1.After signing an agreement with the mayor of / Mayor of the City / State address is placed on the list for installation.
2.A representative of the Contractor's Skorut SOLAR SYSTEMS SP. z o.o. call to arrange a convenient time installation.
3.The date will be agreed with your manager brigade with appropriate authorization signed by the Chief / Mayor of the Commune and your Inspector, ask for documentation that you received and the contract.
4.Make inspection of the mounting location using the photographic documentation of the object, propose appropriate technical solution with a corresponding entry in the transfer protocol object.
5.Installers will begin installation in accordance with the arrangements and make circuit connections to the existing hot water system in the building.
6.Participant will be trained in operating the system.
7.After the installation and training of your presence will be made with the participation of the Superintendent of acceptance of installations and signed Acceptance Protocol.
8.Estimate will be drawn up post-completion.
9.Under the terms of all of the work is not covered by the project can be made at the expense of citizen.


If you do not need to make application changes to the project before the arrival of the installers will not be executed.

Project Manager

Antoni Róg