Meeting with participants in the program

Ended the meeting with the participants of the "Renewable Energy Sources in Mszana Dolna and partner municipalities" The meetings were attended by over 1 500 inhabitants of municipalities participating in the program Mszana Dolna, Niedźwiedź, Kamienica, Raba Wyżna, Dobra and Mszana Dolna Town.

Meetings led the project manager Mr. Antoni Róg. At the meetings explained the rules of the investment, as well as the benefits of using a system of renewable energy sources in the principles of the systems based on the use of solar systems for heating water used mainly for household residents.

Almost every day from April 17 to May 9, 2013 was held 15 meetings at schools, fire stations Houses of Culture, lasted about 1.5 hours, residents asked about the possibility of extending the system.