Installation of solar electricity for 24 million PLN started

On 24.04.2013r. signed an agreement with the contractor for construction works involving the supply and installation of 2,152 solar installations in residential buildings Mszana Dolna and partner municipalities and six installations in public buildings Skorut company Solar Systems Sp. z o.o.

In Pictures: Mayor Mszana Dolna Boleslaw Żaba, paymaster of the municipality Mszana Dolna Marta Pulit, the Company's President Adam Skorut, project manager Antoni Róg Mayor Mszana Dolna Tadeusz Filipiak Mayor Raba Wyżna Andrzej Dziwisz, Mayor Kamienica Władysław Sadowski, Advisor to the mayor Niedźwiedź Tadeusz Patalita.

On 07.05.2013r., After many months of waiting began installation of solar systems in six municipalities participating in the program "Renewable energy sources Mszana Dolna and partner communities." The participants of the program (over 2,000 households) are residents of municipalities Mszana Dolna Niedźwiedź, Kamienica,Dobra Raba Wyżna and Mszana Dolna City.
The investment began yesterday the installation of the first heating of domestic hot water and the energy of solar radiation in young people Mszana Górna (municipality Mszana Dolna ).

Contract worth more than 24 million won by Skorut Solar Systems from Myślenice that by the end of May 2014 will install two 152 solar installations in houses. - The tender cost us a lot of work. Fight for the order between the performers was fierce and finally settled the dispute before the National Appeal Chamber in Warsaw. Suffice it to say that each of the bids is more than 8000 pages of documents. Fortunately, procedural disputes behind us and we can start installation. Please note that the grant for the residents is 85% to the net. It is the largest grant in Poland for this type of task. Residents of the size of the system (two or three or more panels) will pay a total (with deposit that has already been paid in the previous year) - from 2 000 to 3 500 PLN - says Antoni Róg - This is much less than initially expected.

Under the program, each municipality participating in the project are mounted not only collectors, but performs all work related to the installation (pipes, pump stations, tank driver, temperature sensors), and provides over 5 years free of charge exchange of fluid in the system, service and warranty inspections . Accordance with the approved schedule of work by the end of September this year should be already installed more than 800 systems - adds Antoni Róg - The next in the coming months, depending on weather conditions.
Currently arrive at information meetings for residents participating in each of the municipalities. - At the meetings to inform about the conditions and details of the running program - he adds.

Installation will be more
The cost of installation of the tender came out lower than expected. - In this way it is possible to perform additional about 400 instances. We are always in contact with the Implementing Authority for the Swiss - Polish Cooperation Programme. With the approval of the mayor of mayors and municipalities involved in the project together with the solicitor Krzysztof Smaga, holding the legal custody of the implementation of the program, we had a series of discussions with the Swiss side and we have a pre-approved project to expand the amount of procurement savings. That's why today, we encourage you to enter the other applicants on the reserve lists. Yes beneficial for the residents of the program in the near future now, because there will be - says Antoni Róg - Creates a reserve list each of the municipalities involved in the project and office hours can be saved.

Authorization Manager works handed Mayor to Mr Wojciech Gocał , next is also seen Inspector Arkadiusz Zembura.
The photographs participants homeowners, Boleslaw Żaba President of the Company Adam Skorut, project manager Antoni Róg

               Mayor Mszana Dolna

Bolesław Żaba